Sri Lanka Prostitutes and Prostitution

Today I like to share some new and important story with you. That is the prostitution in sri lanka. First of all I like to tell you that prostitution in sri lanka is iligal. Not only that but also helping to prostitution, or promoting that is also illegal. So I'm not going to promote that too, but like to tell some few things that I know about prostitution and prostitutes in sri lanka.

In Sri Lanka prostitutes are called as GANIKAVO OR VESIYO in Sinhala Language. Those words are also use as swear words and prostitution is identified as the most ugliest job in sri lanka. But prostitution is not a bigger social problem in sri lanka as that is very low compared with the other asian counties.

The begining of the year 2010, most of street prostitutes were arrested by the police and sue against them. The police found that almost all of them are Tamil prostitutes called as Kallathoni prostitutes. But now LTTE terrorists are making some propaganda against Sinhalese that saying those street prostitutes are sinhala people.

But in 5 star hotels, we know it is not a secret that the prostitution in going on without any legal barriers as due to the political intermediation, but it is still not a problem for the society as it is highly involving with the high class society

Probably you may like to spent some hours with a prostitute in sri lanka... mmmm that is fine, but you must know the danger for that, not only in Sri Lanka but also in any other prostitutes in any country. First and most important thing is the deceases, like HIV, Gonorrhoea and other social deceases. Second problem is as prostitution is illegal in sri lanka, there is a huge probability to be cheated for you or trapped to be a robbery. Third reason is the prostitutes are just like to have money, but never think about the customer satisfaction. For example they may blame you until you feel enough them and get your money without satisfying you.

So I like to advice you that don't find prostitutes in sri lanka, if you wanna sex, jut find a good girlfriend and marry her. So you can have a good sex without spending money or facing to a risk. I think that may be a highly important message for you as this may save you life...!!!